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East Coast Custom Doors is a subsidiary or Precision Millwork, Inc., an architectural woodworking company from South Portland, Maine.

Since the inception of our woodworking shop in 1984, our clientele has influenced our direction and expertise in the Stile & Rail Door Industry. Customers in the Architectural marketplace have come to us with their ideas and we have made them a reality. That’s why when you view information from our company you aren’t going to find a “standard” line of door elevations. Although we have built many “standard” styles of stile & rail doors, all of them have been made to the specification necessitated by the project.

The majority of the door openings built by East Coast Custom Doors have been for the commercial marketplace. But in many cases, we have built custom entrances and/or every door opening for architecturally driven residential projects.

Bring us your ideas and we will make them a reality!